Sell your used gear

Flystyle is happy to sell your gear on consignment — just email us at with the subject line "Consignment Request: Your Name"

Our consignment fee is 20% of the sold price.

We have an inspection area and demo spot at the park next to our shop, which makes it easy for customers to inspect the gear and kite. We also have a harness simulator in our shop which is great for customers to try out their harnesses.

We request that all items be in clean and good condition. We do a thorough inspection of all equipment. To save time, if you know your stuff isn't in selling condition, please don't send/drop off to us. If you are unsure about its condition, we are happy to look at it and will provide our honest opinion.

After your item sells, you may collect your funds or keep the money as a store credit.

After 6 months if your item does not sell, you will be notified for pickup, or you may choose to donate it.

April 07, 2023