Meet the UFO

AirDesign Gliders has just moved the goal post once more for other paraglide manufacturers, with their brand new version of their single-surface paraglider called they are calling the "UFO." It's one of the lightest wings ever made with an unparalleled EN-B* certification.

It's available in 13, 14, 16, 18 and 20m² sizes. The 16 was first to be certified, for a weight range of 50-90kg. In that size it’s just 1.59kg, and can be packed down very small thanks to the nitinol rods which spring back into shape after being deformed. The UFO AirPack the wing is supplied in can be folded and strapped in half after packing, so it fits easily into a day pack.

It’s made from double-coated Porcher Skytex 27 and has an inflated section on the leading edge. All the seams are doubled with etching tape on the edges to add robustness. The lines are unsheathed, colour-coded Aramid. A Mylar border band reinforces the leading and trailing edges and gives structural and behavioural consistency.

AirDesign UFO coloursAirDesign UFO specs

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March 08, 2023