When is a good time to purchase gear?

Don’t order your gear too late and miss the flying season.


It saddens us tremendously when a pilot places an order for a wing in June with the intention of using it that summer. Oftentimes manufacturers are backordered in June, because their focus is to fulfill orders placed months prior.

Typically manufactures experience an uptick in orders placed January - March, like ski sales go up September - November. Trying to get the gear you want in the middle of the season can be difficult, especially if you wanted something that is in high demand.

However, unlike most ski manufacturers which produce a fixed number of skis per year, most paragliding gear is made to order. Manufacturers can typically produce a wing in just a couple of weeks if they don't have a pile of backorders or supply issues. 

How It All Works

After a paraglide manufacturer has finished making the product(s) and it's ready to ship, the package goes on a fun journey across the globe (typically from Asia or Europe) and arrives in the U.S. via DHL or some other international shipping company.

Once in the great old USA, the package must clear customs and any import tariffs or duties must be paid. Sometimes the package gets hung up in customs for whatever reason, but it usually takes about 1 week. Once the package clears customs it is then shipped to Flystyle and on to customers after items are verified.

In rare cases, manufacturers can become back ordered on certain materials or products for about 3 months. That really sucks if you need the gear right away.

Order Your Gear Before March 31st

Order early to insure that you get the gear you need for your next flying season.  In the Northwest we encourage pilots to order their gear between Jan 1st - March 31st to make sure that it will be ready by the start of the season.  

March 08, 2023