Swing Speedwings Now Available

Flystyle has partnered with Fly Swing USA to offer the complete line of Swing Speedwings. Most pilots considered Swing to manufacture the best speedwings in the industry and Swing has made some major updates to its most popular wing.

The new Mirage RS Improvements

  • RAST technology
  • new canopy profile
  • shark-nose technology
  • 3D shaping
  • higher cell density for a stable profile with improved performance
  • new glider radius with shorter line length
  • reduced line diameter
  • reworked and even lighter combination of materials
  • completely new glider design
  • sizes: PRO, 8.5, 9.5, 11, 13, 15;


The Spitfire 2

The SPITFIRE has established itself over recent years as the benchmark in speed riding and this glider is an icon in its category. Our development team has been working intensively with the Swing speed flying team on the evolution of the Spitfire1 and has optimized this wing still further.


New to Speedflying?

Here are some frequently ask questions we get about Speedflying.

What is the difference between speedflying and paragliding? Which is better?

Speedwings originated from high performance skydive canopies. They have a much higher glide ratio then a normal skydive parachute. They are small, fast and very lightweight. Even though they look similar to a parachute they are not a parachute. They are a small air foil that is formed by pressurized air entering the nose of the wing. 

A paraglider is much larger wing with a higher aspect ratio and longer lines. Both rely on air to pressurize themselves to create an air foil, but because a speedwing is much smaller and moves much quick the air pressure inside the canopy is much great. Making the speedwing less likely to collapse on itself when going through turbulent air. 

However having a major collapse on a speedwing is not ideal in most situations, which is why most pilots only fly in smooth air conditions such as morning or evening air, winter conditions, or coastal conditions.

What does it feel like to speedfly?
A dream come true.

Is speedflying dangerous?
Modern glider/wing designs are tested and certified carefully. Like any activity (mountain biking, surfing, etc...), participants can put themselves at risk when they do not respect their own skill level, equipment, or the weather conditions.

If you are interested in learning how to speedfly checkout our lessons page.