The String Pack



Fly light, carry compact

Name: The String Pack
Harness: paragliding & speedflying

Type: ultra-light

Geometry: leg straps ABS

Concept: all in one: leg straps harness + folding bag + bagpack

Certification: EN1651

Size: one size fits all

Weight: 1,1 kg (without carabiners)

Rescue: optional front container

Option: NEO Helmet holder (35 grams), GRIVEL Plum carabiners (37 grams)

Main materials: Dyneema, Polyester Mesh, Double Mesh Spacer, Mesh 3D, Ripstop polyamide, Zip et YKK buckles

Materials: made in Europe

Manufacturing: made in France


A little known secret of light and comfortable mountain packs, is that the best ones are ergonomic and compact. Typically, ergonomic mountain backpacks are based on a rigid frame, which is not compatible with a paragliding harness. Our idea was to make your wing the compact frame: you pack it into a folding bag, and not only does this bag make glider-packing easier, it also forms an ergonomic structure which greatly increases the comfort and efficiency of the pack.

With a total weight of just 1030g, the String Pack is a combination harness, backpack, and folding bag.

The String Pack is not reversible. The backpack shoulder straps are the same in flight mode and carry mode; comfort could not be higher for such a light harness.

The geometric base of the String Pack is the same as the already successful NEO String. It is easy to wear, light, and comfortable. In the air, the harness is very stable, yet retains the potential for dynamic and precise handling when needed.

The String concept has been designed to use GRIVEL PLUM carabiners, which are delivered as an option, but any other automatic carabiner or connector will work. You can choose to keep your wing and harness permanently attached, or simply slip it on at take off and fasten the leg straps each time.

The stretchable storage bag will easily hold a variety of wings, from ultra-light mountain to light intermediate gliders.

A helmet holder is available as an option: Made from Lycra, it will stretch to fit your helmet snugly and is securely fastened by four attachment points at the top of the String Pack.

The NEO String Pack is certified EN. The internal Dyneema structure actually offers much more strength than required for certification. Even though it is super light, it has been thoroughly tested in all conditions and its durability has been proven.

The String Pack is ideal for walking, climbing, and running in the mountains. It is compact, easy to use, ergonomic, and light. This is the best harness we have ever used for travel, trekking, and mountain running.

1030 grams = harness + backpack + folding bag


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