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Even though the BLACKOUT PLUS masters all acro maneuvers without problems, attention was paid to the fact that the glider forgives pilot mistakes. Brake and canopy tension were chosen in a way that especially acro beginners can get fast senses of achievement. The easy handling was particularly in focus when thinking of the basic maneuvers like Rhythmic Sat / Infinity / Heli2Sat / Sat2Heli / Misty / Mctwist / Misty2Heli. The turning in the connections of all negative maneuvers is very homogeneous with the BLACKOUT PLUS which reduces the twist-tendency and offers more safety, especially for acro beginners. An important point during the countless test flights of the glider through U-Turn Acro Team pilots was the optimization of the brake pressure. Maneuvers like Corkscrew or Mctwist can be done without winding that way.

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