Infinity 5


The INFINITY5 is a XC wing which will take every pilot to the next class with much safety. The endless flying fun with the legendary INFINITY-feeling goes into the fifth generation. During the development of the glider, everything was under the premise of making an honest low-end B-wing with maximum comfort factor. To translate the character of the Infinity to the current zeitgeist, the wing was completely newly built and equipped with the latest constructional insights. Thus the Infinity-typical sweet-tempered behavior is emphasized with more performance.

The INFINITY 5 sets new standards in safe performance. The excellent glider with outstandingly high tolerance in extreme flight situations is a real low-end B-wing which surprises with its strong performance. The INFINITY was already known as ascent-prodigy and the new concept grants a noticeable increase in the speed. Thereby the aspect ratio of the wing concept was able to be increased after every prototype without loosing the sweet-temperedness in the character description. The sleek wing lies well in the air and stays calm even in turbulent air masses. The INFINITY 5 is easily centered through its precise handling. Its gliding features enhance the constructional relation to its big brother CROSSROCK. Already when launching the glider the balanced overall concept kicks in and facilitates the easy take-off.