Size: 8.5m



Specifically developed to be easy to fly and suitable for beginner school pilots to progress all the way to advanced Speedriding.

The FIZZ is a compact wing, solid in turbulence and resistant to de-loading while skiing. The large brake range provides actuate control and gives you the precise feedback from the wing. This is our favorite wing for all levels of Speedriding pilots.

For beginners, the FIZZ was designed to require minimal control and forgives imprecise control input while letting you become familiar with the wing. Progressing at your own pace, this wing will give you years of fun flying as your skills and experience improve.

The wide range of wing sizes gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect wing to match your experience, goals and weight range. The ease and simplicity of the FIZZ provides reassurance through this progression allowing you to experience pure fun riding, giving you the best sense of freedom in the air or on the snow.

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FIZZ Technical Information

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