Size: 22m
Color: Lagoon


We are pleased to introduce at Gradient our new high-performance EN C glider ASPEN6. By using the latest knowledge within the field of paragliding construction as well as the sophisticated and well proven Gradient technology (DDsystem, VOsystem, Everlast,…) we have obtained a brand new concept which has shown itself to be amazing starting immediatly from the first moment in the air. With its high performance parameters Aspen6 has a very predictable behavior as well as the sportive and direct handling so typical to Gradient gliders. Aspen6 has a brand new front shape of the canopy and a slightly higher aspect-ratio (compared to Aspen5) with a special wing tip twisting for the lowest possible induced drag. New line layout with uncovered lines for minimal drag together with an aerodynamically clean canopy of 66 cells ensure very high performances in a wide range of speeds. Aspen6 is a pure sport wing designed for pilots with the desire for limitless cross-country flights. Aspen6 has been developed since the begining as a semi light, sportive glider. The R&D team has reached this target perfectly. The weight of Aspen6 in size 26 is 4,65 kg only. This is an amazing result regarding the complexity of this advanced glider design and the materials combination that has been used.

For more information on the Aspen5, visit Gradient's website.

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