Size: 37m
Color: Orange


For our development team, to design a new tandem glider is not only a great pleasure but also a great challenge, especially after the successful BiGolden3 model. After four years on the market, BiGolden3 is still the most successful tandem glider and also to be true inspiration for other designers.
 Generally, to design a new tandem wing means to utilize as many of the latest innovations and technical solutions as possible to create a single compact design which exceeds expectations. In the case of the BiGolden4, we have been working for eight months on development and flown lot of hours in all possible conditions using six different prototypes. The development of the new wing was quite straight forward and very effective, so now we can proudly introduce the successor of the legendary BiGolden3 – the new BiGolden4.

For more information on the BiGolden4, visit Gradient's website.

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