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It's not just about flying, it's about the adventure.

Learning to become a proficient solo pilot takes time and dedication. You may have to spend an entire day or two waiting for the right conditions, you may have to journey to unfamiliar places, and you may have to overcome some big fears.

It’s not easy learning to fly, but it's so much fun and definitely worth it.

Whether you are interested in paragliding or paramotoring, the core skills and concepts to becoming a safe and proficient solo pilot are the same.

You will gain the necessary knowledge to make the fly or no fly decision before your feet ever leave the ground. You will know where you should fly, and you will understand the risks involved in every flight.

No matter what flying style you choose as your primary goal, the FS1 Course is designed to give you the mentorship and guidance to become a competent solo pilot.

The ASF Course is a prerequisite and students must sign up for the FS1 Course within 30 days after completion to stay current. Students must also invest in their own gear to join the FS1 Course.

Why choose Flystyle?

Flystyle has been one of the leading flight schools in the Pacific Northwest for over 8 years now. We take great care in making sure our students learn correctly, which takes time and flexibility. We have a long list of previous students who are now competent solo pilots making flights all around the world.

Where is the course taught?

The FS1 Course requires students to travel to the Oregon Coast and Hood River, Oregon. These areas give students a wide variety of flying conditions and different flying sites to learn from.

Why not teach at one location?

Flying is like backcountry skiing--the variables are changing everyday, hazards are never the same, and if you do something stupid or make a bad decision, it could result in death or serious injury. Being prepared is the smart choice.

For example, If you are learning to fly a paramotor at someone’s grassy field along the coast and after completing that course you decide you are going to take a flight in the high desert, or in a valley, or mountain region, you might be putting yourself into a situation where you are confronted with class 4 or 5 rapids, but have only ever practiced on class 1 rapids.

These sports can be very dangerous if you do not have adequate training or adequate knowledge, which is why we take extra care in teaching our students.

How long does the course take?

A typical student has 4-8 lesson days depending upon how fast they are learning and the weather. Most students typically complete their training in a 1-2 month period, it really depends upon how often a student can be available to go flying.

Is there a limit to the number of students that can sign up?

Yes, because we only have one instructor (Daniel Randall), and can only accept about 10 FS1 students per year. We urge anyone who is interested in learning to sign up before April 30th to secure your spot. This gives you the best flying season to learn (May-October) and to get your gear on time because it can take up to 30 days for your gear to arrive depending upon the manufacturer and inventory availability.

What ratings do students receive once they complete the FS1 course?

  • FS1 rating + FS1 benefits
  • P2 rating with USHPA (the non-profit organization that helps maintain flying sites, and instructional standards).

About FS1 Benefits

  • FS1 members will forever have a special 15% discount on any future wing or harness through our online store.
  • Lifetime mentorship: If you have any questions about flying, or need some training refreshers, we will be available to help you.

Course Details

  • ASF Course is a prerequisite (2 day course at the dune)
  • Gear purchase is required (students must own their own equipment that is suitable for learning, check out our FS1 Gear Packages)
  • 4-8 days of flying lessons (2-3 instructional tandem flights and 10+ solo flights under radio supervision)
  • Locations: Oregon Coast, Hood River, Oregon
  • When: Year round, but most consistent flying takes place May-October
  • Reading Material Provided
  • Written Exam
  • Students must complete online log book after every flying session

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