Gin Concertina Compress Bag

Size: 2.7m


Product Details

Ideal for hike and fly use with lightweight gliders, the Concertina Compress Bag is a lightweight fast packing bag that combines easy packing with good compression for easier carrying.

Please note that the Concertina Compress Bag is not intended for glider storage; high-performance gliders in particular, may be damaged if compressed excessively.

Availability: We try to have this item in stock at all times. The 2.7 is currently in stock. The 3.0 is also currently in stock. Feel free to e-mail us at for updates. Also, feel free to order the item and we will deliver it as soon as possible.  

Compatible gliders: Yeti, Atlas X-alps, Explorer, Sprint 3 etc.

Weight: 200g

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