Rescue Risers

Size: 80 cm


Ultra lightweight and available in 2 sizes

Name: Rescue Risers Y
Accessory: paragliding & 
Type: ultra-light
Geometrie : Y
Concept: dyneema spliced rescue risers
Strenght: 3000Dan
Sizes: 80 cm / 125 cm
Weight: 40 grams / 50 grams
Option: 6mm ovale Péguet maillon rapide
Main materials: Dyneema
Materials : made in France
Manufacturing: made in France

Our rescue risers will lighten your harness, they weight just 40g.

NEO have tested them to 3 tons (3000 Dan). Constructed from ‘magic’ Dyneema, they are long lasting in terms of strength and tolerate humidity and UV.

Available in 2 sizes:

– 80 cm when linking to the main carabiners.

– 125 cm when linking to shoulders straps if the harness permits it.

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