Ultra-light & certified

Name: Rescue Risers Y tandem

Accessory: paragliding
Type: ultra-light
Geometry : Y
Concept: dyneema spliced rescue risers, polyester sleeve, with velcro straps
Strength: 3000Dan
Size: 200 cm
Weight: 125 grams
Option: 6mm oval Péguet maillon rapide / 7mm square Péguet maillon rapide
Main materials: Dyneema, polyester webbing
Materials : made in France
Manufacturing: made in France

The Intelligent Tandem Riser System

NEO’s philosophy is to create smart products without useless accessories. In this way, we want to simplify the work of professional tandem pilots.

Like all NEO products, the risers are ultralight: 125 grams. They are also very clever and versatile, and fit all kinds of tandem equipment (spreaders, harnesses, rescues…).

Removable velcro straps fix the riser easily all the way from the paraglider risers to the harness shoulder straps. They do not disturb the pilot during ground handling, inflation, or in flight.

To be more durable, a tubular sleeve has been added to protect the dyneema parts where the riser is external.

The breaking strength is over 3 tons: the spliced Dyneema bridle is the best strength/lightness/durability ratio.

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