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In the parachute area soft links have been established for a long time since they are a light alternative for flexible links without metal. Soft links are used instead of mallions, for the reserve-parachute-suspension and even as link to the harness.

The extreme saving of weight is only one reason for the rising demand of the Dyneema-link. Compared to usual metal links, soft links are absolutely shatterproof and most intensively loadable. Especially in the paraglider area the soft link is an efficient alternative for the homogeneous link between lines and straps. The soft link is looped, depending on the size, 2 to 3 times and then sealed with a loop. The production is very sophisticated since the specific line material is spliced three times and sewed afterwards.

U-Turn is offering the soft links in the sizes M (400 kg), L (800 kg) and XL (2400 kg). All sizes command a certification and a detailed assembly instruction is included in delivery.

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