The Speedflying Swiss Army Knife

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The SPEED-FORCE 20 is made for ski launching in winter or foot launching for initiated duos. The Speed-Force 26 is very easy for both ski and foot launches. – Our Miniwing Tandem Speed-Force is a speed tandem glider in 20 and 26m.
The Speed-Force takes our small wing development knowledge and applies it to an all new, high performance tandem platform.

Designed with the repeatability and precision expected by professional pilots, the Speed-Force allows pilots to share the agility and responsiveness of speedflying with tandem passengers for the very first time, without taking risks on challenging take-offs and landings.

The Speedflying Swiss Army Knife : the one made to do so many things while having fun!

The SPEED-FORCE is not only designed for tandem flying, but is also a great fun solo miniwing, able to be flown confidently in a range of conditions including soaring. The design makes it easy to perform SAT or helis, waggas, freestyle etc.. Fast into wind performance, and good in thermals..!

From a light weight of just 3.9kg including integrated spreaders, the Speed-Force makes fast-packing for the ski lift a breeze and opens a world of hike and fly tandem possibilities.The Speed-Force opens doors to completely new possibilities in tandem or solo flying with skis or by foot, in the mountains or on coastal soaring sites.

Spreader length is optimised for the unique requirements of speedwing handling, ensuring perfect handling for both solo and tandem configurations.
As with all miniwings in the LEVEL WINGS range, material and line choice has been optimised for the unique demands of speedflying and speedriding in alpine and coastal environments, ensuring the best balance between ease of use, durability and weight.

You can go custom with your own colors here ! Additional fee of $350.

More info on the SPEED-FORCE here.