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With over 30 years of designing paragliding harnesses, SUP'AIR is the industry leader in paraglide harness design. The ACCESS BACK is designed for the beginner/intermediate pilot who wants a good performing harness with safety features build in.

Download the ACCESS BACK product manual here

This harness is delivered with the following items :

– Bump’air 17 cm
– Handle “B”
– Size S and XS: Ply seat-plate 33 cm x 34 cm (MPPL017)
– Size M: Ply seat-plate 35 cm x 37 cm (MPPL018)
– Size L : Ply seat-plate 37 cm x 37 cm (MPPL019)
– Size XL: Ply seat-plate 39 cm x 37 cm (MPPL020)
– 2 Twist-lock 45 mm Zicral SUPAIR Carabiners
– User manual (CD)
– WARNING! This product is delivered without risers!

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