SuSi3 + Supair HF Package

Save $601

Size: 13
Color: Lime
$3,899 $4,500


Save over $600  (only available as a limited time offer). 

This package includes SuSi3 wing, Supair Radical3 Harness, Supair Shine Reserve (size Medium), and Supair OYLS Front Mount Container (with dyneema bridles). A total of $4,583, but you only pay $3,899.

Fast, Simple & Safe! That's the smallest EN/LTF-B Glider in the world!

The SuSi3 is perfect for the low-level B pilot looking for a forgiving lightweight wing, or for those choosing to operate on the upper side of the weight range, providing the lightest and fastest equipment for extreme mountaineering or high-wind soaring conditions. The extensive weight range offered within the SuSi3 lineup provides you with all the options to choose the right size for whatever your adventure demands. We’ve developed a chart to assist you in choosing the right glider for your application. If you are looking for basic wing behaviour from a low EN-B glider, then choose according to the fields with a green background. Those seeking fun in the blue background with higher loadings will notice the increased trim-speed, requiring greater pilot experience. The glider’s behaviour still remains predictable, and provides greater flying options, such as strong-wind soaring opportunities.

For more info on the SuSi 3 click HERE

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