X-Ride 2.0

Size: 8m


More docile, but still steep trim

Name: X-Ride 2.0

Category: Speedriding wing

Type: Expert & competition riders

Geometry: 4/2.5 lines diagonals canopy. Plastic battens.
Concept: Canopy for the most experienced speedriders. Wide speed and trim range for steep/fast riding, or slower ski turns.  Class-leading energy retention + extremely precise handling + the best barrel roll performance and characteristics.
Certification: Load test 6G
Sizes: 8 – 9 – 10
Weight: 1.8 to 2.3 kg
Risers: A/B/C or A/B + SAS system
SAS: Steep Active System, active AoA piloting
Bag: delivered with NEO Classic 60L. + NEO Speed Pack
Main materials: Skytex double coating 42 gr, Cousin ultimate Dyneema, Technisangles 22mm, Maillons Peguet
Materials: Made in Europe
Manufacturing: Made in France

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