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About The Team

A fun group of air sport athletes connected through flying paragliders, paramotors, speedwings, and parachutes.

Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll.

"Two out of three aren't that bad, right?" -Daniel Randall.

Daniel's Favorite Gear Choices Are:
SuSi3 Miniwing
Step 2 Light Paraglider
Radical 3 Harness
Acro4 Harness
Beamer 3 Light Reserve
Zenith Paramotor with Atom80

God made him…

so skydivers would have a hero. He continues to pursue flying and share his love of life with the world. He has partnered up with Garden of Life to help promote living a healthy lifestyle. He swears by Coava Coffee and Sun God Medicinals for helping him get up in the early morning and feeling good for a new day of flying. And for the evenings he also enjoys a cold pFriem Beer from time to time.

Daniel's Favorite Daily Supplements
RawMeal in smoothies
Plant-Based Protein Bar for snacks
Juan Francisco Pira morning espresso
Aja Relief Hemp Indica Tincture if he has any pain
Hercules CBD Salve to relax his sore muscles
Pilsner in a can to wrap up his evening

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5 Easy Ways to Generate Passive Income.

Wes graduated at the top of his class, earning him a degree in International Business with summa cum laude, which is latin for "highest distinction."

As a life adventurer and business connoisseur, Wes shares how he manages to make a living while having fun.

1. Learn to paraglide.
2. Fly everyday.
3. Make fun videos.
5. Skateboard.

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husband prioritizes flying over family.

Whenever the weather is great Morgan Jobert is no longer hanging out with his beautiful blonde American wife and children. Instead he is out flying his paramotor, getting high, and leaving his family behind.

When asked about how he finds time to go fly with all his obligations, Morgan is quoted saying "I like flying so much that I put it as a priority, and my family understands that."

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Girl in Alps Raised by Mountain Goats.

Andrea Kopf (German for Lady of the Goats) was one of the only feral childs to be sucessfully re-introduced back into society. She continues to live in the mountains of die Alps and remains close to her foster goat mother.

Her gear of choice
SuSi3 Wing
Radical3 Harness
OLYS Front Mount
Fluid Light Reserve

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Man mates with intergalactic being.

Alex Taraghi claims to have been abducted by aliens who wanted to perform human experiments. During the abduction, Alex says there was an unexpected love connection between him and one of the humanoid extraterrestrials. During a period between experiments, Alex had a brief moment alone with the other being, and they made love.

Alex describes the encounter as "indescribable."

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parents worried about new street drug called "getting stoked."

Brandon Scheid, a champion kiteboarder and role model says he has been getting stoked on flying his speedwing.