Fusion V3 Harness


The Fusion V3 harness by Level Wings is designed for booth speedflying and speedriding. It can also work great as a lightweight option for paragliding as well. 

What stands out most about this harness is it's seamless design for bridle routing, speedbar routing, air bag attachment, and it even features a dedicate 360 pole mount hole. 

It encapsulates all the criteria for use on skis with Speedriding wings as well as on foot launching speed & mini wings or paragliders, and includes a plethora of well thought out details!

​Its exceptional comfort has made it successful since its inception, whether standing on skis, ground handling in high wind, or sitting in long flights, and sets a new standard in order to become your main partner throughout the year.

The shape and ergonomics of the bag are designed for optimal carrying comfort.

The harness's 3D geometry offers extra comfort, and the two-point closure gives greater simplicity.

The optional certified airbag brings extra protection to the user - pilot or passenger.

The New Fusion builds on the success of it's predecessor, the Fusion V3 harness continues to evolve. This new version benefits from internal modifications which reinforce its durability, and provide functional improvements.

More info HERE.

fusion 360 view of harness for speedflying and speedriding