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The Mullet not only redefines coastal soaring but adds an extra 3D dimension to our flight envelope. Additionally, its intuitive riser system puts the full speed of the glider right at your fingertips, giving you unmatched control and precision in flight.

When you take flight with the Mullet, you’re not just soaring through the air; you’re diving, swooping, and performing incredible manoeuvres. Imagine gracefully descending toward the ground, executing precise movements just inches above the surface. But here’s where the magic truly unfolds: Mullet’s ingenious design allows you to effortlessly convert that kinetic energy into altitude, ready to embark on your next thrilling sequence.

Coastal soaring will never be the same with the Mullet. It introduces an entirely new dimension to the flying experience, enhancing the already breathtaking flight envelope with a three-dimensional sphere. As you soar above the coastline, you’ll have the freedom to explore the skies and contour of the terrain in ways you’ve never imagined.

And let’s not forget about the riser system of the Mullet. With just the touch of your fingertips, you can unleash the full speed and power of this incredible glider. It’s a seamless connection between you and the machine, empowering you to push the limits and experience true flight, in total control and precision.

The Mullet wing is practically indestructible when it comes to collapsing. By simply tugging on the A lines, this wing refuses to give in. It’s a safety feature that gives pilots peace of mind, knowing that they can confidently perform daring diving maneuvers even in the most extreme situations, without worrying about the glider collapsing on them.

It’s the ultimate reassurance in the sky, providing both stability and excitement when it matters most.

Materials carefully selected for a taught and durable canopy:

Skytex 38g- Top and bottom
Skytex 40g Hard – Diagonals and profile

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Demo gliders available at a discount.